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About One Eleven Coffee

One Eleven is a project of Koinonia Church. We serve locally sourced coffee and treats that support good causes. We look forward to providing a place to work or catch up with friends. Hours Mon-Fri 7am-7pm Sat 7am-8pm Sunday Closed One Eleven was first born out of a desire to love downtown Hanford. When Koinonia Church was in need of new office space in 2013, they began exploring their options. There was more than enough space on the church campus, but that would mean moving the offices to the edge of town where there was little foot traffic. The staff began to consider the possibility of buying a building in downtown Hanford and what this might communicate about the church’s love and commitment to the community. What began as an idea, grew in the hearts and minds of not only the staff but the church family. Koinonia committed itself to identifying a building for offices in the downtown area, but also starting a coffee shop so as to contribute to the business and social fabric of the downtown. What was once an idea, is now a reality. On May 27, 2016, One Eleven officially opened its doors. The goal of One Eleven is to provide a place for community downtown, to feature products that have good works stories behind them and are local whenever possible, and to create a life-giving work environment for all those that are serving behind the counter. The shop seeks to be creative with its drink offerings and wants to provide new experiences for its customers without being coffee-snobs!