About Veterans Memorial Park

Tucked in a little corner on Lake Monroe lies a hidden historic landmark - Sanford Florida Veterans Memorial Park. the park is located in downtown Sanford on Lake Monroe. This park was created in honor to all of the veterans who died while serving their country in World War I. There were approximately 116,000 U.S. casualties in World War I, and seventeen of these causalities were from Seminole County, Florida. Thirteen had died during the official years of the war, and four died later due to complications related to war injuries. While the historic site itself is named Veterans Memorial Park, it was previously named a two different names. It was first formally known as the “Monument of 1919.” and then was re-named “The World War I Memorial.” and then Finally in l973 the site was renovated and it was opened to the public as a “all veterans” memorial, and was further known as Sanford Veterans Memorial Park.