About Meeker Mansion

The Meeker Mansion, home of Ezra and Eliza Meeker, is an American Bracketed Villa from the golden age of Puyallup. The building was conceived by Eliza and designed by Ferrell and Darmer, Architects of Tacoma. Work began in 1886, and by 1890 it was finished enough for the wedding of their youngest daughter, Olive, on October 15th. The Mansion features hand-painted ceilings, stained glass windows at the two entrances and many different species of wood in the interior. Ezra Meeker wrote that the exterior finish was three tons of white sand blown onto three coats of linseed oil, a finish which frustrates painters to this day. Paint analysis shows the colors of the building today as those of the original, but an article in the Tacoma Ledger in 1893(?) stated that Ezra had repainted his home a single color – and added the editorial comment that it was about time.