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About Candice & Company Jewelers

Candice and Company Jewelers Incorporated was established in 1996 by Candy Vallin and Cindy Rocha Vaz. As one of Hanford’s first jewelry stores Candice and Company Jewelers quickly became the city’s foremost jeweler. Candice and Company Jewelers was founded on the principles of honesty, integrity and quality. This foundation carries through today after more than twenty years in the jewelry business. Candice and Company Jewelers maintains a beautifully landscaped building in the downtown Hanford district, which houses its showroom and design along with its manufacturing and repair facilities. This serene environment provides inspiration for its designers to create some of the most unique jewelry masterpieces available. Candice and Company Jewelers uses 14, 18 karat gold and platinum to create its masterpieces. Starting from the finest pure gold and platinum, master craftsman create unique alloys to fabricate jewelry that anyone will treasure. Utilizing traditional hand-fabrication and casting as well as high tech computer aided design, computerized milling, and laser technology, Candice and Company Jewelers is able to produce some of the most precise and intricate designs available in the world today. Candice and Company Jewelers provides the best jewelry value available with the use of its unique manufacturing process while using only the highest quality materials. Only the highest quality 14, and 18 karat gold to include platinum are used to provide the best quality jewelry with lasting durability. All of Candice and Company Jewelers pieces are finished to perfection, inside and out, and all surprisingly substantial to provide durability for generations, unlike most mass production jewelry found in chain stores and warehouses. Since Candice and Company Jewelers manufactures its jewelry on the premises, they have complete quality control. Candice and Company Jewelers Inc. has built its reputation for over the past 20 plus years by providing the best possible value for its customers. A tradition of honesty, integrity, and quality has been paramount for Candice and Company Jewelers throughout the past twenty years and beyond.