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About KG Graphics

KG Graphics is a design & printing shop based in Danville, VA. The studio was founded in 2009 by Kristen Gusler. We deliver creative solutions and intelligent ideas to clients big and small: retail, restaurants, businesses of any size, personal use, or anything needing a new identity or brand. We specialize in custom designs: logos, business cards, advertising, flyers, posters, branding, stickers, package labeling, brochures, catalogs, editorial, promotional items, identity, illustration, invitations, websites, email marketing, t-shirts, photography, signage, exhibitions, and just about anything graphic related for your business or individual use. We provide printing of any kind as well, even in-house screen printing and embroidery! Have everything done in a one stop shop! We would like to help your business or event look its best! Please contact us today to help get your print or web projects started right away!