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About Cascade Theatre

Redding’s Cascade Theatre was inaugurated on Friday evening, August 9, 1935, in a blaze of festivity accompanied by the full blare of show biz hype. The Cascade Theatre went through many transformations during it’s time as a movie theatre, but it finally closed its doors in 1997. In 1999 JPR purchased the Cascade with hopes of resorting the theatre to it’s original form and bringing a performing arts venue to the Redding community. The Cascade Theatre then reopened August 14, 2004 after a restoration that took five years to complete and cost around $6 million. Some fun facts: 1)The Cascade originally had 1,348 wooden seats… now seats 1,001 in much more comfortable padded seats. 2)The population of Redding in 1935 was 6,226… the theatre could hold 20% of the population. 3)The Cascade Theatre was the first air-conditioned public building in Redding. The Cascade Theatre is now home to many different types of events: movies, live music, live theatre, performing arts, meetings, and more! The Cascade Theatre Box Office is open Tuesday-Friday 11am-6pm and 11am-show time on show days.